The police have come up with a new measure: the car will be impounded for this violation

Head of the Lithuanian Road Police Vytautas Grashys LNK commented on the new procedure. “I think that all these changes, which will once again make drivers who behave inappropriately, think about the risk of liability for violations of traffic rules, will make them pay more attention to traffic rules. The police certainly have no intention … Read more

I was shocked by the report of the violation: the trailer parked in the garage exceeded the speed limit 240 kilometers away

A resident of Prienai was very surprised to receive a notification from the port city about a violation of road traffic rules. He assures that he did not drive around Klaipėda at that time. Even more surprising was the fact that the car trailer registered in his name exceeded the speed limit. “You sit at … Read more

With strange movements in violation of the dress to be worn .. Ahmed El-Fishawy raises controversy at the Cairo Festival

With a controversial look, the artist Ahmed El-Fishawy appeared on the red carpet for the first time alone after his separation from his wife Businesswoman Nada Al Kamel Who appeared with him over the previous two sessions of the festival, and he danced a strange dance, which astonished all the attendees. Throat and in Opening … Read more

There is no violation of competition law in the rise in fuel retail prices

The reason for the increase in the retail price of fuel is not a violation of competition law, but rather objective conditions that have arisen since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Competition Council (KP) found in the market research, which evaluated how the retail price of fuel is formed and what … Read more

Comprehensive Kim Hee-jae Controversy over military service preferential treatment and violation of military law… Rebuttal under the control of the military band

Kim Hee-jae / Photo = Ten Asia DB Singer Kim Hee-jae is embroiled in controversy over preferential military service. On the 10th, suspicions were raised that Kim Hee-jae received special favors such as broadcasting activities and management contracts while serving in the military. On November 23, 2019, Kim Hee-jae signed a ‘broadcast entertainment activity’ contract … Read more

Juventus obtained the first injunction from the creation of NFT in violation of its brands

The football club Juventus Football Club SpA agreed before the Specialized Section of the Court of Rome a company producing Non-Fungible Token (NFT) associated with “figurine“Collectible entirely digitaland therefore in images, of a well-known football player, reproduced in a game action with the team uniform, in which the registered trademarks of the applicant were clearly … Read more

These are a series of violations that have been committed by the chairman of the KPK, Firli Bahuri

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission or KPK Firli Bahuri strongly suspected of violating Article 36 of the KPK Law because he met a corruption suspect Luke Enembe. The article expressly prohibits the KPK leadership from dealing with corruption suspects handled by the KPK. This is not the first violation by Firli … Read more

Canadian Olympic bobsleigh medallist Christine de Bruin suspended 3 years for doping violation

The career of Canadian Olympic bobsleigh pilot Christine de Bruin is in question after she was handed a three-year suspension for testing positive for a prohibited anabolic agent, as announced by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) on Friday. An out-of-competition urine sample taken in August revealed the SARM LGD-4033 substance, better known as Ligandrol, known to increase … Read more

Father shot and killed a man who raped his 13-year-old daughter

The homicide occurred unexpectedly when the minor’s father met the defendant at a police station. And man died after being shot five times by another subject in the city of Carabobo In Venezuela The newspaper Clarion specifies that the event occurred on April 3 of this year, although it only began to be disseminated in … Read more

They arrest the accused of raping and stabbing a colleague 43 times in San Luis – Notes – Siempre Together

Personnel from the Regional Public Order Unit One arrested Facundo Nicholas Britez, 18 years old, accused of raping and stabbing a classmate from his school 43 times with a screwdriver, this Monday afternoon in the capital of San Luisaccording to police sources. The horrific event would have happened in a vacant lot in the capital … Read more