The Commissioner of Justice warns in Madrid that "there are some limits" to pass an amnesty law

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The Commissioner for Justice of the European Union (EU), Didier Reyndersassured this Tuesday that the drafting of the eventual 1-O amnesty law that Junts demands to invest Pedro Sánchez is a “national competence”, but has warned that “there are some limits”, in reference to the impact that it can have the norm in crimes of embezzlement that affect European funds.

This was stated in statements to the press during the seminar Public Justice Service in times of change, celebrated in the Permanent Module of the Spanish Presidency of the Council of the European Unionan event that he was responsible for closing together with the acting Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, with two speeches dedicated to the digitalization of the Administration of Justice.

Reynders has insisted that so far he has not received any text of law on which he can comment. “I have heard that it may be possible that in the next few hours or days there will be a reference text in the negotiations for the formation of a Government,” he noted, while indicating that the European Commission will closely evaluate the content of said draft.

In this sense, he has stressed that he will be pending. “First of all, as I said, it is a national competition, but, of course, there are some limits. And you know that in Europe we are very involved in the fight against corruption,” she said.

The European commissioner already warned on September 14 that although the post-electoral situation in Spain continued, he could not assess a possible amnesty for 1-O given that he did not have any document or draft in his possession on which to comment.

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