Ukraine – Russia war, last minute | Ukrainian air defenses say they have shot down 24 of 29 Russian drones launched tonight

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At the 588th day of war in Ukraine, Russia has denounced another Ukrainian attack with cluster munition against the region of Kursk two days after denouncing the use of this ammunition in the neighboring region of Briansk.

For its part, Ukrainian air defenses say they have shot down 24 of the 29 Russian drones launched in attacks against the regions of Odessa, Mykolaiv y Kirovogrado this past night, without further details having emerged.

The United States has transferred to Ukraine 1.1 million rounds of small arms ammunition seized to Iran, the US Central Command reported this Wednesday.

The Ukrainian president, Volodímir Zelenski, said this Wednesday that he has been invited by the head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, to the summit of European Union (EU) leaders to be held this Thursday in the Spanish city of Granada, but added that it will be difficult for him to attend, since his presence is “necessary” in Ukraine.

The president of United States,Joe Biden, He promised this Wednesday a “great speech” to show that it is “extremely important” continue supporting Ukraine militarily and financially, and for the first time he seemed concerned about the issue.

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