Blood donation campaign well attended despite Corona

Good response in Bookholzberg: 114 people donated blood in the school center. Jasmin Johannsen Bookholzberg / Ganderkesee. The German Red Cross (DRK) was happy to receive numerous blood donations on Thursday: 114 donors came to the school center on Ammerweg in Bookholzberg. Donating blood – whether for heart or cancer patients – is incessant, despite … Read more

Donation bet on Tesla production brings 1660 euros, next round is running>

At the beginning of 2020, Tesla set at least 500,000 electric cars delivered as a target for the whole of the new year. At that point in time that sounded realistic after 367,500 Model 3, Model S and Model X in the previous year, but at that time hardly anyone expected that the new corona … Read more

Termoeléctrica de Mexicali promotes online education with donation of electronic tablets

Mexicali, BC. January 20, 2021.- Termoeléctrica de Mexicali (TDM), an IEnova company, in coordination with the XXIII City Council of Mexicali, delivered 50 electronic tablets to low-income students in Progreso, with the aim of improving their distance educational experience Having as headquarters the House of Culture of the delegation, Francisco Molina, Delegate of the Progreso … Read more

Mike Büskens: Donation for Gelsenkirchen Association

Gelsenkirchen Schalke legend Mike Büskens has made a donation to the “Arzt Mobil Gelsenkirchen” association. This is how the money came together. “Mike makes meters”: This is the motto under which Schalke legend Michael “Mike” Büskens has been walking through Gelsenkirchen since the summer of 2020, collecting donations for the Schalker Markt Foundation and motivating … Read more

A special donation in the luggage of the Langenwolschendorfer | Zeulenroda shoot

A special donation in the luggage of the Langenwolschendorfer Updated: 01/20/2021, 7:05 pm Jena / Langenwolschendorf Members of the fire brigade hand over 970 euros to the Jena children’s clinic The two fire brigade members Alexander Wilhelm (left) and Mario Hoffmann from the Langenwolschendorf volunteer fire brigade handed the donation over to Kerstin Pechmann, head … Read more

St. Vincenz sisters support Borchener Warenkorb with a donation: all under the sign of charity – Borchen

However, the sisters did not want to forego their market entirely, and so this was held internally exclusively for the residents and employees of the nursing home. Nonetheless, the proceeds of 1000 euros were collected, which the sisters have now made available to the Borchen shopping cart for its work. According to Sister Superior Christiane, … Read more

El Salvador receives donation of level III personal protective equipment from the Republic of Turkey

This morning, representatives of the government of the Republic of Turkey and the Executive Secretariat of the Council of Ministers of Health of Central America and the Dominican Republic (SECOMISCA) delivered a donation of supplies for the medical personnel of the Ministry of Health of El Salvador. The donation received by the Ministry of Health … Read more

Donation to maintain Schindlerswerk | Free press

Zschorlau. The emergency securing of the buildings in the former Schindlerswerk blue paint factory near Bockau costs around one million euros. The owners receive funding for this, but have to pay a considerable share of their own. The German Foundation for Monument Protection is supporting them this year with proceeds from the Glücksspirale lottery and … Read more

In December, more than 250 people from Mar del Plata made inquiries for egg donation

Nowadays, many women decide to be mothers at a biologically advanced age for multiple causes that characterize today’s woman: work, travel, not having a stable partner. Coincidentally, it is after the age of 35 that the quality and quantity of oocytes begins to decrease, making it difficult to conceive a child. However, medical and scientific … Read more

Regional donation platform supports clubs and social organizations

The economy in Baden-Württemberg supports the energy transition – but politics must take industrial issues more into account “Geislingen helps!” – volunteer helpers wanted! Since this year, associations and social organizations from the Göppingen district have been able to draw attention to their projects and collect donations via the “WirWunder” donation platform of the Göppingen … Read more