Coalition with Nasdem and PKS in Early 2023 Has Been Formed

loading… The Democrat Party estimates that its coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. Photo/SINDOnews JAKARTA – Deputy Bappilu DPP Democratic party Kamhar Lakumani estimates that his party’s coalition with the Nasdem Party and PKS will be declared in the near future. The political communication built between the … Read more

Coalition with Nasdem-PKS Struggles to Decide on Candidate for Vice President, Democrats Ask for Respect for Proposals

JAKARTA, – Exploration of a coalition that the Party continues to promote Nasdemthe Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), and Democratic party have not found common ground. Nasdem Party DPP chairman Willy Aditya said the progress of cooperation was close to 80 percent. However, the negotiation process still takes time because the three political parties have … Read more

Supporters of Anies Baswedan Criticize President Jokowi’s Steps to Support Prabowo Subianto

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesian Collaborative Secretariat (SKI), a supporting community organization Anies Baswedancriticized President Jokowi, which the Singaporean mass media said would support Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in the 2024 Presidential Election. They considered that it was inappropriate for a president to do this. Secretary General of SKI, Raharja Waluya Jati stated that his party … Read more

Hasto Kristiyanto’s War of Words PDIP vs. Mohammad Idris PKS, and Anies Meets Ahok Becomes Top 3 Metro

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris gave a stern warning to the Secretary General of the PDI-P, Hasto Kristiyanto, not to talk nonsense about his leadership and the city. According to Idris, Hasto came from the sound or asbun. This news became the number one Top 3 Metro. Anies Baswedan attended the child’s wedding … Read more

Stunned by Anies, NasDem-PKS-PD is considered to be waiting for the right moment for the Coalition Declaration

Jakarta – Indonesian Political Parameter Executive Director Adi Prayitno assesses NasDem Party, PKS and Democratic party (PD) both have been captivated by the figure of the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan. The three parties are said to be waiting for the right time to declare a coalition. “The rumors of these 3 parties have … Read more

Three King Makers Descend the Mountain, Could the Anies-AHY Duet Be Real?

JAKARTA, – Duet between the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan and Chairman of the Party DemocratAgus Harimurti Yudhoyono (ME) is likely to occur in the 2024 Presidential Election. In fact, if the duet between Anies who is a presidential candidate (candidate) and AHY becomes a vice presidential candidate (cawapres) to 2024 presidential election … Read more

Democrats Want to Promote Presidential Candidates for Change, Observer: Hard Code Brings Anies-AHY

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Executive Director of the Institute for Democracy and Strategic Affairs, Khoirul Umam, stated Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono’s political speech (ME) in the national leadership meeting forum (rapimnas) inserting a code regarding the cawapres candidate that will be carried by the Democratic Party. In his speech, AHY emphasized his commitment to carry the vice … Read more

Democrats, Nasdem, and PKS Predicted to Duet Anies and AHY

Anies Baswedan is one of the potential presidential candidates in 2024 REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Democratic Party, Nasdem, and PKS are predicted to carry the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan as a presidential candidate (candidate) on Election 2024 future. Political Communication Observer at Esa Unggul University, M Jamiluddin Ritonga, said this was due to … Read more

to Gerindra, Who Responded Early to NasDem

Jakarta – PDIP Secretary General Hasto Kristiyanto opened up about the political safari plan PDIP. Hasto said that the initial plan for the PDIP political safari was to actually meet with Gerindra. “At that time, we were actually going to come to Gerindra,” said Hasto in Jakarta, Wednesday (31/8/2022). However, according to Hasto, NasDem was … Read more

NasDem considers the candidacy of Mrs. Anies as a step forward for women, open duet with Anies

Jakarta – Chairman of the PDI-P (PDIP) Mrs. Empress hope to appear female president in 2024 presidential election. vice chairman NasDem Ahmad Ali assessed that Puan’s nomination would be a step forward for women. “In the 2024 contestation, NasDem already has a presidential candidate that will be promoted by the party, which is then submitted … Read more