Mario Strikers: Battle League Football trailer teaches you everything you need to know

The unveiling of Mario Strikers: Battle League Football wasn’t that long ago, so Nintendo has given itself very little time to get the game up and running. So with the release in less than a month, they’re still going to make up for the damage. A new overview trailer takes us through the mechanics, makes … Read more

Card Shark lets himself see the cards, reveals its release date

Violent card game Card Shark will be released on June 2 for PC and Nintendo Switch. This is how Devolver Digital announces. In this game, a nice game of cards is rarely really fun. Cheaters and high emotions often lead to a violent outcome or a duel for honour. So it’s more important than ever … Read more

EA Reminds Us About Apex Legends’ Battle Pass

10/5/22 22:40 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 reacties In the past few weeks we have had no shortage of trailers of the new season from Apex Legends. But it was remarkably little about what EA earns the money with. This does it twice over with a new trailer that is … Read more

NIS teaches us how to play Disgaea 6: Complete

4/5/22 07:22 | Sil Hendriks † PlayStation 4, Switch | 0 comments If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs, chances are you haven’t heard of Disgaea. However, there is still a chance that you have not messed with it yet and NIS would like to change that. With this trailer, therefore, it not only explains … Read more

Check out the new Apex Legends content in this trailer

2/5/22 22:09 | Sil Hendriks | PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One | 0 reacties From trailer unveiling Newcastle, already gave a taste of what the future of Apex Legends would hold. But in the new trailer for the game, this is a little clearer. A huge leviathan terrorizes the shores of Storm Point, inadvertently equipping our … Read more

Save the Earth Again: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim Now Takes You Everywhere

12/4/22 17:04 | Sil Hendriks † PlayStation 4, Switch | 0 comments 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim from Dragon’s Crown and Odin Sphere developer Vanillaware was a hit three years ago when it came out exclusively on the PlayStation 4. But like other titles that are released under the ATLUS name, it was especially loved by … Read more

Learn about the difficulty levels of Coromon

In our preview from Coromon last year it was briefly mentioned: the monster collector of Freedom Games has difficulty levels. But how exactly do they impact your adventure? The answer can be found in a new featurette video from the publisher, which not only explains the four difficulty levels, but also walks you through the … Read more

Meet the heroes of Digimon: Survive in the new trailer

While the monsters aren’t as numerous as that other big mon series, the Digimon universe is chock full of familiar and lesser-known creatures. With every new video game, the question is again which one can be in the spotlight again. A new trailer gives us the answer in the case of Digimon: Survive. In it, … Read more

Kirby is hungrier than ever in new Forgotten World trailer

9/2/22 23:15 | Wilco † 0 comments Kirby sucks and swallows everything he encounters in a new trailer. He doesn’t shy away from a car, even if it only just fits in his cute chewing gum-colored mouth. Enjoy your meal Kirb! In Kirby’s new 3D game, Kirby is able to swallow larger objects. He literally … Read more