kyiv expects more weapons in September to boost the counteroffensive before the arrival of the cold

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Ukraine expects to receive new shipments of Western weapons in September to strengthen its counteroffensive before the arrival of bad weatherwhile Russia assures that it contains the attacks of the kyiv forces on the different fronts.

“Preparations for a powerful September for Ukraine have already begun. (…) The first priority is our defense. New defense packages for soldiers ukrainians. Artillery, armored vehicles, air defense and missiles, demining means,” Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said on Telegram.

The president expressed his confidence in Western aid and stated that “all our partners are informed about our needs. We are waiting for solutions,” she added.

Zelensky announced that this week he will hold several meetings with the Ukrainian General Staff to seek “solutions that allow to strengthen even more to our soldiers”.

He also called on the Ukrainian military command to “more actively prepare the necessary infrastructure for the new Ukrainian aircraft” that kyiv expects to receive soon from various Western countries.

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