Afraid of Becoming a Kidnapping Victim, Schoolgirls in Gresik Desperately Jump from Public Transport: Driver Asks for Doors to be Closed – MDM (17), a student from Kebomas, Gresik Regency, East Java (East Java), had to undergo treatment at the hospital after she decided to jump from the bus she was riding. MDM was determined to carry out this action because he suspected that he would become a victim of being kidnapped by the bus … Read more

Still at Islamic boarding schools, we are cooperative – Fahim Mawardi, caretaker of the Al Djaliel 2 Islamic Boarding School (ponpes) in Jember Regency, East Java (East Java), has been named a suspect by the Jember Police in a case of alleged sexual abuse of a number of his female students. “There is a letter notifying the determination of the suspect, and … Read more

Revealed the Practice of Shamans Doubling Billions of Money in Gresik, One Year Undergoing Ritual Using Human Blood, Keris to Jenglot Page all – The police have named two suspects in connection with a fraudulent case involving the practice of raising money in Gresik, East Java. The two suspects are Abah Yanto alias MY (43) as a money multiplier and MI (48) as a provider of human blood. Both of them have undergone investigations Satreskrim Polres Gresik. … Read more

Principal’s Apology for Abusing 15 MTs Students: I’m sorry – The man with the initials AN, the unscrupulous head of the madrasah tsanawiyah (MTs) in Gresik, East Javaapologized for mistreating 15 of his female students. As a result of his violent actions, AN was named a suspect by the police. AN’s apology was delivered in front of the media. “We apologize for this … Read more

KPK Examines Negotiations between the DPRD and the East Java Provincial Government Regarding Grants of IDR 7.8 Trillion – Eradication Commission Corruption (KPK) will investigate the negotiation process between East Java (East Java) DPRD legislators and executives at the East Java Provincial Government regarding smoothing the disbursement of a grant of Rp. 7.8 trillion. In this case, the Corruption Eradication Committee (KPK) ensnared Deputy Chairman of the East Java DPRD Sahat Tua … Read more

A Number of Facts about the Semantok Dam in East Java, which Swallowed IDR 2.5 Trillion

JAKARTA, – Dam Semantok in Nganjuk Regency, East Java Province, was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on Tuesday (20/12/2022). Jokowi said that the government had begun to intensively carry out development dam and reservoirs since 2015. the reason, air is the key to life. Good for agriculture, electricity, tourism, and other needs. “Therefore, … Read more

Viral Sand Flows Without Water in Semeru, BPBD Gives Explanation

Jakarta – A viral video featuring sand from Semeru Mountain flowing without water. People are also strange with this phenomenon. Reported detikJatim, Friday (16/12/2022), the 29-second viral video shows a flow of sand without water which is said to originate from Semeru. The sand does seem to flow like water. BPBD East Java (East Java) … Read more

A M 4.3 earthquake occurred in Pacitan, East Java

Jakarta – An earthquake with a magnitude (M) of 4.3 occurred at Pacitan, East Java. The earthquake was at a depth of 10 km. “Earthquake Mag: 4.3, 96 km Southeast of Pacitan-East Java,” wrote BMKG on its official Twitter account, Sunday (11/12/2022). Earthquake occurred at 23.13 WIB. The earthquake occurred at the coordinates of 8.89 … Read more

Silent Action of Thousands of Aremania Paralyzes Jalan Raya Malang in 135 Minutes

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — Arema FC supporters Aremania roll back demonstration demand expulsion the tragedy of the Chancellor by closing access to the Malang Raya main road, to be precise in the area of ​​the Karanglo Toll Exit entrance, Malang Regency for 135 minutes. Since 12.30 WIB, Aremania has gradually started to come to the … Read more