5-month-old baby died molested by his biological mother, this is what a psychologist says

KOMPAS.com – One now five months old with the initials AD in Wonocolo District, Kota SurabayaEast Java, has the heart to be abused by his own mother, whose initials are SE. Quoted from the news Kompas.com Monday (27/6/2022) edition, the police said that the reason for the perpetrators was because they were angry with the … Read more

Violent Mother in Surabaya Kills Her Baby then Enjoys Vacation

Surabaya – Eka Sari Yuni Hartini (25), a mother from SurabayaEast Java (Jatim) was named a suspect because kill the baby 5 months old baby. When his son died, the perpetrator actually went on vacation to Yogyakarta so that the victim’s body was found rotting. This case began when Eka left her baby at the … Read more

East Java Porprov Medal Update 2022, Surabaya at the top, Malang Regency is in the Top 3

Malang (beritajatim.com) – The Malang Regency contingent was ranked third in the provisional standings for the East Java Porprov medal in 2022. The top of the standings is still occupied by the City of Surabaya. Until Monday (27/6/2022) this afternoon, a number of athletes are still fighting for medals from several leading sports. In addition … Read more

The figure of Eka Sari, the mother in Surabaya who abused her 5-month-old baby to death, often tortures her mother

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The figure of Eka Sari Yuni Hartini (26), the mother of Di Wonocolo, SurabayaEast Java, who had the heart to torture her five-month-old baby to death. Not only that, Eka Sari had the heart to leave her son’s body to go on vacation to Yogyakarta to attend her husband’s office event. He deliberately … Read more

Makes it painful, Ustaz victims in Mojokerto are fed pornographic videos before being molested

Mojokerto – An ustaz Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPQ) in the village of Sooko Subdistrict, Mojokerto with the initials RD (40) is suspected of molesting 3 of his male students. While in action he force-fed the victim with a pornographic video with the mode of checking puberty. The mother of one of the victims said that … Read more

Four Santri Sue Surabaya District Court Regarding Interfaith Marriage Decisions

Surabaya, East Java – The Surabaya District Court (PN) was sued on charges of violating the law, after granting an interfaith marriage request for two Surabaya residents, RA who is Muslim and EDS is Christian. On the Surabaya District Court’s Case Investigation Information System (SIPP) page, the lawsuit was registered on June 23, 2022, with … Read more

Surabaya District Court Sued for Accepting Interfaith Marriage Application

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — District Court (PN) Surabaya sued on charges of unlawful acts, after granting the request interfaith marriage two residents of Surabaya, RA who is Muslim and EDS who is Christian. On the Case Investigation Information System (SIPP) page of the Surabaya District Court, the lawsuit was registered on June 23, 2022, with … Read more

Examining the Jakarta-Surabaya Semi-High-Speed ​​Train Project Plan Page all

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – The Ministry of Transportation encourages an immediate study or feasibility study (FS) The car Spring Fast Jakarta–Surabayain cooperation with Japan. Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said that there had been a discussion on a concept for the Jakarta-Surabaya Semi-Fast Train last February. Currently his party is finalizing the concept and will then … Read more

Surabaya District Court Judge Allows Interfaith Marriage, KUA Officials React

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 – 17:11 WIB Surabaya District Court Judge Imam Supriyadi allowed the RA and EDS couple to hold interfaith marriages in front of Dispendukcapil officials. Photo Illustration: Ricardo/JPNN.com jpnn.com, SURABAYA – The head of the religious affairs office (KUA) of Gubeng Subdistrict, Surabaya City, Abdul Wahid Boedin, responded to the interfaith marriage … Read more

Surabaya District Court Allows Citizens to Marry Different Religions

SURABAYAKOMPAS.com – District Court (PN) Surabaya legalize interfaith marriages between RA and EDS. Through the stipulation Number 916/Pdt.P/2022/PN.Sby, the Department of Population and Civil Registration of the City of Surabaya was also asked to record the marriage in order to issue a marriage certificate. PR PN Surabaya Suparno confirmed the stipulation. Also read: Former Urban … Read more