What is known about the new family of two-liter VAZ engines – Laboratory – Motor

We will not quote a textbook on the theory of internal combustion engines, but we will briefly mention that due to the change in dimension, the second-order inertia forces have increased. And in order to reduce them, it was necessary to reduce the mass of pistons and connecting rods. In order to reduce mechanical losses, … Read more

New Suzuki Raider J Crossover Rp. 17 Millions Could Damage the Kawasaki KLX 150 Market, This is the Response of Prospective Consumers

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – All New Suzuki Raider J Crossover already launched with price inexpensive to compete Kawasaki KLX 150 in the segment motor trail. Although not everyone’s taste, All New Suzuki Raider J Crossover Dare to be unique against market domination Kawasaki KLX 150 in the segment motor trail. Curious how all new … Read more

Bro! Scorpio X1 Scooter Released with a Super Fierce Look, Can It Be Ordered?

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – This time motor latest that comes with design sporty and scarier than Yamaha NMAXas well as motor is officially present on the market with the label Scorpio X1. This motor is present in the segment scooter sporty, which has an eerie design. Where before on the figure scooter this is … Read more

motor sports | Endurance | The Acura ARX-06 for the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans is unveiled

A few weeks after the shakedown of its LMDh prototype, at Le Castellet and then at Le Mans, Acura officially presented the ARX-06. The visuals have been communicated and suggest a body incorporating the philosophy of the ARX-05 on its front part. The prototype will feature a 2.4-liter twin-turbo V6 designed by Honda Performance Development. … Read more

Ready to Unload Kawasaki KLX 150 Market, All New Suzuki Raider J Crossover Glides, Price Rp. 17 million

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – Don’t want to lose to Kawasaki KLX 150 in the segment motor trail, All New Suzuki Raider J Crossover glide at a higher price inexpensive. Capitalize on unique style and be motor trail versatile, All New Suzuki Raider J Crossover very sure you can beat Kawasaki KLX 150 in the … Read more

CVT Motor Matic Service Tips, This Is What Makes Motors Difficult To Climb

Isal/GridOto.com CVT Motor Matic Service Tips, This Is What Makes Motors Difficult To Climb GridOto.com Tips CVT service motor matic this time discusses the causes of automatic motorbikes so difficult to climb. If your automatic motorbike feels so difficult when going uphill, it’s better to do it motorcycle CVT service matic. Automatic motorcycle CVT service … Read more

Toyota’s jet barge, Honda’s armada of lighters, the never-before-seen Nissan, and other marvels from the world of JDM — Photo — Reading Room — Motor

A Toyota jet barge, an armada of Honda lighters, a never-before-seen Nissan, and other marvels from the world of JDM The Japanese sports sedan is primarily Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Someone will remember the turbocharged Nissan Skyline, beloved by drifters and sympathizers of the Toyota Mark II Tourer V / Chaser … Read more

Petter came across two mysterious cars on his way home from the cabin

– Then it was when we were going home from the cabin at Maurset on the west side of Hardangervidda that we saw two camouflaged cars driving into the tunnel at the top of Måbødalen – in the direction of Eidfjord. That’s what Petter Frost says. As he was driving his Jaguar i-Pace himself, he … Read more

Gokil Guys! 4 Cylinder Sport Bike for Sale Cheaper than Kawasaki ZX25R, take a peek at the figure and specifications

KOTAMOBAGU PORTAL, People’s Mind – It turns out there motor sport bike 4 cylinder which is sold cheaper than Kawasaki ZX 25R guys! It’s not just a display design that doesn’t lose out on its type motor sport another full fairing. This motorbike also carries an engine with a capacity of 600 cc, wow, isn’t … Read more

Motor Gas Stopper, Important Functions Simple Installation Way

The motor gas retainer is quite efficient to use for smooth daily riders. Especially for vehicles that often face traffic jams. Besides being easy to perform the action of rotating the gas, it also holds the pull sleeve with a gas spring. Initially this component emerged from a motor cross that had existed for a … Read more